Come visit us at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas from January 21-24, 2020

13 janvier 2020

Ionbond will be present at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas,, where we will display our latest PVD, DLC and CVD coating technology applications for firearms, knives, and accessories.

This ranges from functional-decorative PVD coatings in different versions of gold tones, Flat Dark Earth, coyote brown, to high-tech black Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) coatings offering extreme hardness and low friction in non-lubricated, dry operating conditions.

Ionbond coatings provide resistance to both external and internal wear and abrasion, and easily outperform high-end paint solutions. Ionbond’s coating technology on internal parts provide durability and friction benefits allowing moving parts to function longer and smoother, even under extreme conditions. These performance enhancements clearly benefit law enforcement, competitive shooters, hunters and gun collectors.

Ionbond PVD, DLC and CVD coatings are very hard, but also very thin. Therefore, the surface texture of the base material is respected, keeping the surface design intact. The part tolerances will not change and there is no need to adapt dimensions for these coatings for assembly. Other coating solutions suffer from edge build up and loss of tolerances.

Ron Dielis, Ionbond’s Segment Manager for Decorative and Sport applications stated, “The use of PVD coatings in the firearms market is well established. However, many OEM’s and sub-suppliers don’t take full advantage of what our coatings can offer.”

Firearms Key Account Manager Dylan Altieri, is very pleased with Ionbond’s specialized coating facility in Portsmouth, NH: “As soon as we opened the firearms focused coating center in the New England area, customer demand and awareness increased significantly. Professional advice and service during the sampling phase has been a strong point for Ionbond”.

Michael Helmes, North America Sales Manager, says “The long experience of Ionbond in the decorative markets was a key driver to become so successful in the firearms market. We were the pioneers in this industry and even “Ionbonding” became a verb within the industry. We take pride in that”.

We welcome you to meet these Ionbond insiders at the SHOT Show Supplier Showcase, booth 51408.


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