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Tribobond™ 49, the Next Generation of Diamond-Like Carbon lovebetapp

25 March 2020

Ionbond has added a new hydrogen-free, droplet-free, low friction carbon based coating to its coating portfolio.

Tribobond 49 has an improved wear resistance (+300%) compared to Ionbond’s hydrogenated DLC coatings with a reference hardness of 25 GPa. The advanced coating technology used to deposit Tribobond 49 creates a smoother coating which can be used as-deposited, without any post-polishing, compared to current hydrogenated and hydrogen free DLC coatings.The coating hardness has been increased by 40%, up to 35-40 GPa, compared with reference standard hydrogenated DLC coatings. The improved hardness and wear resistance of Tribobond 49, in combination with the low friction properties and smooth  surface, creates a new performance and life time standard for DLC coatings.

The deposition temperature of Tribobond 49 is below 180°C, which opens a wide range of materials that can be coated without any risk to reduce the base material properties. The coating itself has stable hardness and wear resistance properties until operating temperatures of up to 350°C.

Tribobond 49 is developed for high performance automotive and motorsport applications where high contact loads, friction and wear are present in demanding tribological environments. Highly loaded valve, crank train, engine components and fuel injection components are potential candidates for Tribobond 49. Ionbond offers this high performance coating out of our Automotive Competence Center in Venlo, The Netherlands.


For more information please contact our Segment Head Automotive Components André Hieke


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