Ionbond introduces its latest PVD coating platform for Forming and Moulding Tools in China

25 May 2020

Ionbond has introduced its latest PVD coating platform for the Forming and Moulding Tools (FMT) in the Kunshan Coating Center in China, to add to their existing PVD and CVD capabilities.

The new coating platform is capable of delivering the premium FMT coating portfolio, including IB22, IB35, IB90, and IB95, together with Nitriding (Duplex) in a single batch process. These duplex coatings provide the necessary improved fatigue and heat checking resistance to the tools during the forming applications like hot forming/press hardening and die casting, especially in the automotive industry.

The automotive industry is continuously increasing the use of Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) and Aluminium die castings for making lighter, stronger, and safer cars. As a result, one of the significant changes in the forming processes is the increase in use of functional coatings, especially duplex coatings, to meet the challenges of forming AHSS and aluminium castings. China is leading the industry efforts, globally, in this direction and Ionbond China is at the forefront of servicing the FMT market supporting this change.

Ionbond has the most comprehensive coating portfolio for servicing the needs of the FMT market. As Surface Engineers, we partner with our customers to understand their application needs and offer customized coating solution. The introduction of this new coating platform is another step in the direction of our commitment to these partnerships.


For more information please contact our General Manager Asia, Mr. Kegang Xu


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